Our philosophy


1. not moving or making a sound

1. deep silence and calm; stillness
2. an ordinary static photograph as opposed to a motion picture

1. up to and including the present or the time mentioned, even now
2. nevertheless; all the same

1. make or become still; quieten.

Weddings are lively and full of energy, but there is something special about the moments of still.

When I hand a bride her bouquet and she takes a second to breathe in her favorite flowers. When I see a grandparent stop to admire the ceremony setup before finding their seat. When everything quiets as vows are being exchanged. When friends ooh and ahh over a centerpiece before dinner begins. When you sit in your car for a minute and notice how happy and full of love you are before heading home.

STILL is where I design weddings for down-to-earth people who care about meaning.

You want to get married at your childhood home, the state park you both love hiking in or the coffee shop on the corner where you met. You're not interested in Package B at the touristy hotel downtown. You don’t even know what the term “bridezilla” even means. You’re going to wear a comfortable wedding dress because you will be dancing and eating, dammit. You care about the environment and are weary of unnecessary waste. 

Me too.

I am constantly inspired by nature and my designs reflect that. I am drawn to interesting textures. Flowers that are in season. All the beautiful, not so obvious colors you find in the wild. I love to pull complimentary colors into color palettes, making your designs fresh and unique. You won’t find me forming anything into a tight, round ball. I believe in letting flowers breathe and falling how they fall. I refrain from using toxic floral foam and always lean on eco-friendly ways to arrange.

What I’d love to do for you:

  • Prioritize what you need, help you think outside of the box and what is trendy
  • Balance what your friends and families want for you with what you want for yourself
  • Create the look and feel for a hell of a celebration, with the smallest environmental impact and waste possible