floral design

for intimate weddings + elopements


It seems that modern weddings have grown more and more focused on everything but the love.
We think your wedding does not have to be the biggest, flashiest, most extravagant
to be the most meaningful.


At STILL, we care about the quiet little things.


You envision a low key celebration with the people you love,
dancing and eating and laughing,
the party of all parties.

You want
simple yet beautiful,
fun yet elegant,
relaxed yet memorable. 

We totally get it.

And we know flowers.
We stay inspired by nature and work with the seasons
to create unique designs that truly reflect
the two of you.

We specialize in designing flowers for elopements,
intimate weddings and small gatherings.

We love what we do
because we love celebrating love and
because flowers have this way of turning ordinary days
into wedding days.