Meet Nicole

Hi! I'm Nicole. The face, owner and floral designer behind STILL.

Most days you’ll find me working in my Birkenstocks with rap music or a podcast playing out of an empty vase where I've stashed my phone. After I picked up my first pair of clippers in 2016, I ditched the desk life for the florist life. STILL is an evolution of my professional background working in tech and user experience and my personal background honing skills in design, flowers and color theory.

What's it like to work with me? I hope it feels like having dinner with a friend. I want to get to know you and make you laugh; be your guide through the process and be guided by your love story. My goal is not only to create a beautiful visual representation of who you are as people but to create the feeling your friends and family will remember years from now. Like you, I care more about what is meaningful and thoughtful over what is trendy.

What am I doing when I'm not standing in a pile of leaves and petals? You can find me with my head in a book, exploring a new city, hiding on my couch with my admittedly terrible taste in movies, or taking too many pictures of my food.

Here at STILL, I believe in bringing the outdoors inThere is nothing that beats the smell of wood burning stoves, pine trees and the salty sea. Not surprising for a kid from the Pacific Northwest. I’m inspired by the small, quiet bits of nature — maybe a fallen branch or a stem that bends just so — that make you stop for a moment and root you in the present.

I currently live in Cambridge, MA with my boyfriend who does all my heavy lifting. I like to think I spend my free time planning my next travel adventure but I'm really trying to figure out what we should have for dinner tonight besides pasta. Again.